1.How to get VIP

(1)2500 points can be upgraded to VIP

(2)4500 points can be upgraded to VIP2



(5)$5=VIP3/30 days

2.How to get points

(1)Click on the ad to get 30 points

(2)Click can Pop-up ads

(3)Ref a user get 80 points

(4)100 points by watching the full ads (no more than 300/day)


AFree uses the most secure solution for all network traffic encryption

Please civilized Internet

Do not support use in China

4.Traffic Limit

(1)Unregistered free users 400M/day,80G/month,10H/day

(2)Registered Free Users 800M/day,100G/month

(3)VIP1 Users 2G/day,120G/month

(4)VIP2 Users 3G/day,200G/month

(4)VIP3 Users 4G/day,200G/month